Monday, September 3, 2012

Sarah & Trent's Wedding

Sarah and Trent had made many plans for their wedding day, but none of them had included a Plan B for dealing with the remnants of Hurricane Isaac. However, luck was shining down upon them and we were able to get all of their photographs done before the rain eventually came.
We had a great time photographing them along with their fun wedding party all around downtown Cincinnati before heading to the ceremony.  The ceremony was held at the chuch where Trent's mother works so they were surrounded by many people who care for them deeply. 
Aside from all the busy wedding plans, Sarah and Trent will be closing on a house the week after the wedding so a honeymoon will have to least for a little bit.  Congrats to the happy newlyweds as well as Welcome Home! 
Feel free to leave messages for Sarah and Trent below in Comments.  You can also see and tag more  images on the studio's Facebook page. 

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