Friday, October 30, 2009

Abigail & Brian

As you can see, Abby is a very shy quiet girl that was hard to break out of her shell....aykm!?!? I have a theory that red shoes make people feel sassy, and Abby proved my theory once again. We had a great time at The Greene photographing including getting in some super bright fall colors...thanks Cheesecake Factory.

Abby knows what a shoe nut Jennifer is and wore those great red shoes for the engagement, but then also told us that she has the exact pair of Manolo Blahniks that Carrie wore for the wedding in the Sex in the City movie. Good thing Jennifer doesn't wear her size...she might not get them back. Can't wait for the shoes...I mean wedding!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Jack Garrett Band

We're trying to get caught up on blog posts this's that time of year again when everything gets a little crazy and backed up! The flu that keeps cycling through the studio isn't helping either :(
We've worked with the Jack Garrett Band quite a few times recently and met up with them to do some updated publicity shots. The guys in the band probably thought we were nuts a few times, but the shots turned out great. Be sure to check out their web site. They do a great job and can do anything from trios to 24 about making a statement!

Terrell & Tricia

Last Saturday was a chilly rainy day, but Tricia and Terrell didn't let that slow them down one bit. They braved the elements allowing us to get some great shots at the museum and Lincoln Park. I love a bride and groom who don't let anything stand in the way of them having a great time on their special day!

They're such a sweet couple surrounded by great friends and family...not to mention tons of nieces and nephews who had the dance floor packed all night. The wedding had many personal touches including their own travel photos on display at the reception. The girls even made their own bouquets, and did a great job! I loved the vintage alabaster cameo look that was applied to the cake design too...very pretty.

Enjoy St. Thomas! We're so jealous thinking about that warm white sand and topaz blue water...especially knowing the chilly rainy weather here. Congrats!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Molly & Brandon!

I had a great time with Molly and Brandon at Cox Arboretum, and I think we covered every inch of it too. We did Molly's senior pictures a few years ago and we're very flattered when she asked to photograph her wedding date. Sadly, we were already booked for her date :(

We are still doing a sign-in-album for them so at least we'll be a little part of their wedding. We will certainly be thinking of them on their big day and wish them all the best! Congrats!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carrie & Ryan!

On Saturday we couldn't have worked with a sweeter, more in love, super fun couple than Carrie and Ryan! We had a blast laughing and joking all day. We started the day with Jennifer hanging out with all the girls at the Engineer's Club and Mark and the guys went to the Oregon District...I think the boys behaved somewhat while unchaperoned ;)

It turned out to be a perfect fall wedding day and we were able to capture some Dayton landmarks including their historic church and reception venue. Everything tied in perfectly with their Dayton theme. The airplane favors were fun and unique!

A special thank you to our wedding party, who definitely gets the 'most animated' award this year! Congrats to such a wonderful couple and enjoy jealous!
Some of Carrie and Ryan's Great Vendors:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moira & Quentin in Cleveland!

We had an awesome time in Cleveland with Moira and Quentin this past weekend. They live in Chicago, have family in Cleveland, but the wedding is in Dayton. When they learned we have a satellite office an hour from Cleveland, we decided to do their session up north.

We started at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and then headed to the Historic Warehouse District by the Flatts. We had perfect weather, great company and a wonderful time photographing. Can't wait for the wedding...wonder what the date is ;)

PS. Thanks guys for the great dinner recommendation! Little Italy was fun...garlicy...but fun!