Friday, March 26, 2010

Wedding Plans...Part II

In keeping with the periodic updates on Mark's son's wedding, here is the second installment. Josh and Kristen are doing something similar to our wedding, which is to have a big 'send off' party locally and then do a smaller more intimate destination wedding later.

Well they've looked in their dates and locations, and we are looking forward to working with both venues. Their 'send off' party in Dayton will be at the Taj Ma Garaj, which we thought would be a fun party atmosphere for their cocktail party. There are lots of kids and tweens in the family so the upstairs game room will keep the kids busy allowing the adults time to mingle and dance. Kristen and Josh love the color red so the red Porsche room was a great fit too!

Their wedding will be in Sarasota, Florida just a few weeks later at the Crosley Museum. The Crosley Museum was a private estate that then later became a museum after being placed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Its Spanish mission architecture and ocean views are perfect for a destination wedding. Can't wait to do photographs there for sure!

That's it for today's installment, but stayed tuned for more...

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