Monday, March 29, 2010

Weddings by iPhones

For the iPhone, I mean bride, that has it all. Now introducing the Wedding Planning App for iPhone. The list of features is pretty impressive. I haven't tried it out myself, but for $7.99 what's it hurt to try...

The Extensive Feature List includes (just to name a few):
- Invitation style Home screen with date & time, venue and a Live Countdown to your big day
- our Home screen quick view ‘Binder’ for access to To-dos, Notes, Budget and photos
- Fully customizable To-do list
- Automatically created Scheduled To-do list- Keep Simple Notes
- Keep track of your Budget automatically or manually
- Budget spending assistance
- Record all guest details in ‘The People’ section
- Record guests attending day or reception
- Record Invite, RSVP and status of attendance
- Record meal choices for reception
- Record if a guest is bringing extra people in the evening
- Seating Plan for Reception
- Seating Plan for Rehearsal Dinner
- Gift Tracker
- Export the important guest section info by Email

Pretty crazy, huhh?

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