Friday, January 30, 2009

On the Road Again!

So here it is...the ugly February Convention Schedule! Don't think we are whooping it up while we're on the road speaking and teaching. We usually don't get to see anything other than the inside of our hotel and whatever convention center we are in. Even at Bahamas School we'll have no beach time :( Not to mention it is so hard being away from little Charlie.

We will be checking voice mail and e-mail as we can. We will also try to make periodic posts from our travels. Thank you for being understanding.

PS. We were just at the Mid-East Region Convention hosted in Kentucky last weekend and won the Kodak Gallery Award (Stofer Wedding) and the Fuji Masterpiece Award (Weaver Wedding) for the Top Wedding Albums in the Region. I'll have more on that shortly. Congrats to those families!

PPS. The Weaver wedding has a great story behind it. When you read Nikki & Ben's original post, you'll learn that Mark did Nikki's mom's wedding nearly 23 years ago. That makes Nikki our first second generation bride! Pretty cool that Mark is still doing great work...somethings do indeed get better with age :)

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