Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carrie & Ryan!

On Saturday we couldn't have worked with a sweeter, more in love, super fun couple than Carrie and Ryan! We had a blast laughing and joking all day. We started the day with Jennifer hanging out with all the girls at the Engineer's Club and Mark and the guys went to the Oregon District...I think the boys behaved somewhat while unchaperoned ;)

It turned out to be a perfect fall wedding day and we were able to capture some Dayton landmarks including their historic church and reception venue. Everything tied in perfectly with their Dayton theme. The airplane favors were fun and unique!

A special thank you to our wedding party, who definitely gets the 'most animated' award this year! Congrats to such a wonderful couple and enjoy Ireland...so jealous!
Some of Carrie and Ryan's Great Vendors:


Donna said...

These pictures are great!I had fun.Thank you! Love, Mckenna

Jack said...

Grammy dictating to Jack:

Being somewhat "out of it", I was absolutely thrilled and loved every minute of the rehearsal dinner and reception. I am so sorry I missed the wedding.

Carrie - You were stunning! These pictures are great.

Sorry I was a little clumsy and got side-tracked at Sloan Kettering Hospital

The Nilands love all of you, thank you for your gracious hospitality and family togetherness


on behalf of all the Nilands.

Tina said...

Carrie and Ryan, I am SO happy for you both! And I'm glad that Ryan is FINALLY in our family! Carrie, you were beautiful, stunning, and HOT! Absolutely love the pics! And the music was to die for! Great choice! Although, I am still mad that you got married before me!!

Love you both!

carriemay said...

Mark and Jenny,

Thank you for everything that day! you both are so fun to be around, and your talent will shine for years to come with us. We love what we see so far. Thank you for sharing in our day with us!

Ryan & Carrie