Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Bridal Resolutions...

Happy New Years to all our brides-to-be out there! Christmas is a big time of year for proposal's (even Mark's son popped the big to be announced)! I just thought I would take this time to offer some wedding resolutions to help make those weddings plans go smoother.

This list of tips comes from a lot of experience as a photographer, and as a bride myself. Hopefully there are some things that you will find helpful (or at least entertaining) and maybe even some things that you didn't even think about...

DO make the day your own...even if friends and family try to pressure you into something you don't want.

DO see each other before the ceremony...why hide from your best friend on the most important day of your lives. This is a life experience that is meant to be shared...every precious minute!

DO have some fun! Have the guys all wear silly socks, wear colorful shoes with your dress or blow kazoos instead of blowing bubbles. Weddings don't have to be stiff and formal. Guests remember fun twists more than anything else.

DO avoid tan lines and especially farmer's tans...that should go for all the bridesmaids too.

DO schedule dentist appointments before the big day. Tea-stained dresses are pretty...teeth, not so much.

DO have your groom do some manscaping before the big day, unibrows and tuxes don't mix l~)

DO have your groom wear sunblock and a hat if they're doing a golf outing before the wedding. Bright red skin and sunglass tan lines are almost impossible to retouch.

DO hire a professional makeup artist and not run through the mall in your veil to the Clinique counter....DO a test run with your makeup artist & hair stylist. Take pictures so they can match what they me they won't remember your up-do from the 500 others they've done this year.

DO have a smooth timeline and not make guests eat cheese and crackers and listen to Kenny G for 3 hours.

DO let your guys buy suits instead of wasting money on a tux rental. Suits are the new tux. Plus, instead of the trusty old flask groomsmen gift, you can gift them their ties and/or shirts. See the J. Crew suit (above) paired with a real bow can always tell.

DO feel free to have a 'adults only' reception or at least hire a babysitter and have a kid's corner of activities for them. Kids are cute, but not when throwing tantrums in the middle of your vows or upstaging you on the dance floor during your first dance.
DO avoid the cliche Hersey Kisses table favors and do something unexpected like custom rub on tattoos, silly fortune cookies or even beer koozies...have fun with it!

DO delegate responsibilities or hire a wedding coordinator so that you don't have to work your own wedding.
DO plan for an 'after party' towards the end of your reception. Bring in pizzas or a hotdog cart or some other fun food to keep the party going.

DO hire reputable professionals...they hold your wedding memories in their hands.
Hope this helps or at least gave you a chuckle...did I mention this list comes from past experience...Happy Planning!


Carol Lundeen said...

Thought I'd investigate your work a little before you come to speak at the Professional Photographers Association of MA convention next month. Now that I've seen, it I can't wait to meet you and learn more about how you make your amazing images!

Mark said...

Thanks! Cant wait to see you there too!