Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jill & Brent!

Sunday was filled with a lot of fun and a lot of sentiment. Mark has practically watched Jill (and her siblings) grow up and it was very heartwarming for us to see her as a bride today. Time really flys...

The day was truly amazing from all the great friends and family to the amazing venue and decor. Since Jill was out of the country for most of the wedding planning, Judy, her mom, did most of the planning. Judy even practically chose Jill's gorgeous dress. Stupendous job Judy! Jill's dress was amazing and totally her! The dress set the color scheme for the wedding, right down to the detail on the cake.

Thank you to Carmen at the Schuster for all her hard work and to LoAnn at did it again! We also got to work with one of our fav videographers, Patty at Take One.

We had a wonderful time and know you tow will have an amazing journey together. Congrats to Brent and Jill...who now leave for an alternative honeymoon in Thailand helping Burmese refugees. We wish you all the best and thank you for sharing today with us! Mazel Tov!


Daniel said...

Hey Mark and Jennifer,

Everything looks awesome! We are so impressed with how well all the pictures turned out. Jill and Brent will have lots of incredible memories forever thanks to your beautiful work!

Daniel, Pam, and Ellison Abromowitz

Mark said...

Thanks Daniel! It was our pleasure to work with you all...and to meet Ellison finally!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting so quickly. I can't wait to see pics of Ellison and the flower girls walking down the aisle.

- Michael Abromowitz