Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sara & Chris at RiverScape

I had a great time photographing Sara and Chris at RiverScape and surrounding areas in Dayton last week. Chris is a bit of a jokester so it was hard for Sara and I not to crack up will we were supposed to be photographing. We managed to get some great images in between the laughs. Their wedding is this fall at Benham's Grove and certainly will have us in stitches all day.

Let me explain...after asking Chris to behave himself during the session, we decide to indulge his silly side and do a goofy photo....sort of a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." The technique is called 'Flubbering.' Try it yourself...loosen all your facial muscles and then shake your head real fast. The result when you photograph it is hysterical...no two 'Flubbers' are ever the same. We just added Sara's fake punch and walla...world's most interesting engagement photo. Can you imagine what people would think if you put that on save-the-date cards?

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