Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jennifer & Rogelio!

Call it kismet that we booked Jennifer & Rogelio's wedding. We happened to have a last minute cancellation for their wedding date so we were able to photograph their wedding, and if that wasn't enough Jennifer's last name is relation. Wait there's more! Rogelio is from Costa Rica, which is where I did a summer abroad in college. Small world for sure!

We had another lovely weather day Saturday, which was perfect for the outdoor ceremony at Cox Arboretum. Jennifer was a classic beauty in her gown and cathedral veil. The rich autumn colors photographed beautifully with the natural surroundings. Many guests traveled from afar for the wedding, and it couldn't have been more touching with Jennifer's dad officiating. They are blessed to have a truly wonderful group of friends and family in their lives.

I must also commend Jennifer and Rogelio for their grace under pressure. There was a glitch (to say the least) with one of their vendors, and they handled it better than anyone else in their shoes would have. We really admired their patience, compassion and reserve, which I'm sure is only a glimpse into why they are such wonderful people.

Enjoy Cabo! Feel free to leave messages below!


Montserrat said...
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Montserrat said...

Thanks Mark, they were so happy and even they are an attractive couple you got the best of them and make them look stunning.
Montse ( Rogelio's mother)

Heather said...

Mark, you and your team did an amazing job and I was pleased to work with you throughout the day. These are simply stunning and I hope to see more.
Heather (the day of planner for the couple)