Monday, September 26, 2011

Carol & Tom at The Bell Centre

I know you hear us say how much fun we have at all our weddings, and you're probably thinking that we are stretching the truth; however, Carol and Tom's wedding was no exception! We drove around with them and the wedding party on their party bus all over downtown Cincy before the wedding, and laughed till our sides hurt. What a fun group of friends and family!

We really got to know Tom and Carol throughout their engagement and relished in how much planning and thought they put into their special day....even for those people who couldn't attend the wedding! Carol's sister is eight months pregnant and lives in Australia. She couldn't fly this close to her delivery date, but Carol and Tom brought the wedding to her. Rick (from Tres Chic Events) was the official Skper that day making sure that she could see Carol get ready, see the ceremony and the major events at the reception. Carol also added a stuffed kangaroo to shots throughout the day so that her sister was still included in photos.

Carol and Tom are big history buffs and the Bell centre provided plenty historic flavor. Their centerpieces and decor elements all played off of a Roman theme with classic sculptures, Chianti bottles, candles galore and vibrant reds. The twist to it all....Tom is a huge classic rock fan so they walked up the isle to some great headbanging tunes as well as throughout cocktail hour.

We wish the happy newlyweds all the best! Feel free to leave them messages below or view/tag more images on the studio's Facebook page. You can also view their engagement session here.

Carol and Tom had some amazing sure to check them out. You'll be glad you did ;)
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